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Lesbophobia is "Lesbians can't ever like dicks", as if I'm any less of a lesbian because my GIRLFRIEND has a dick. (I'm not saying all lesbians have to like dicks, but those of us who date women with them are still lesbians.)

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Lesbophobia is redefining the definition of lesbians to include males.

You. Ain’t. A. Lesbian. If. Your. “Girlfriend”. Has. A. Dick.

To hell with your dumbass glittery identity politics.

Transwomen excuse you.

lol no they don’t.

Trans women are not female, so women dating or having sex with them aren’t lesbians.

That’s like claiming having Monopoly money makes me wealthy.







Sex dysphoria is real, and devastating.

It can get worse after you’ve been exposed to the idea that “treatment” exists to make your body “right” aka in alignment with your mental map. Because that is physically impossible, sex dysphoria, when treated this way, will start to take on the quality of…

All of this shows how women know little about men lives.

'The kind where we make room to acknowledge the terrifying thing that often underlies sex dysphoria: the fact that mentally mapping a male body to superimpose your own, can be a subconscious strategy for trying to neutralize a sexual threat.'

Don’t young girls/women who want to erase their femininity in exchange for a male identity in order to avoid sexual threats realize that boys/young men are also subject to sexual abuse? You know like the whole Penn State sex abuse scandal? This is the fault of Feminists who endlessly perpetuate the myth that men, young and old, have enviable carefree lives pretty much devoid of any abuse or strife when in fact it’s filed with as many pitfalls as women. Yes, young women if you live your lives as men you’ll be free of any sexual abuse, bullying, threats of violence, potential rape, etc.

o_0  facepalm

You cannot blame feminists for this, they did not invent an irrational fear that all men violent rapists; the high number of men who are violent rapists are responsible for this very realistic fear.  

I bolded the text above because it is so very relevant and important. This isn’t just something that can be brushed off for a lot of women. It is a real, CONSTANT fear. A person should not be fucking afraid to walk the streets when the sun is down. It is factual that more women are raped than men, but the point is that it is not a competition. Nobody denies the existence of male rape victims. Men however, go out of their way to constantly shove the existence of those men to silence women speaking about their experiences and fears. 

My brother, male friends, etc all go out at night by themselves and basically do whatever they want as if they live in fairy princess magical unicorn rainbowland. Most of the time, men are never victimized. When they are, it’s by, you guessed it, other men. There are not roving bands of women driving around, picking up young men and sexually assaulting them repeatedly. Like, that’s not a thing…

You want to know why black people can say nigga and you white people can’t? It’s because we know how much it burns when the word is used derogatorily against us. Some of us grew up thinking that was our second name. Having white people use it to keep us below them. You use it to try and strip the dignity and esteem of an entire group of people. Then we took it from you and re branded it. Then you saw that we did and you thought that meant that you could say it or you try and shame us for using it saying that our ancestors wouldn’t approve. You are not my nigga. You don’t know my struggles as black person. Yours scars don’t look like mine. And don’t dare you try and shame us for taking by using our ancestors against us. I’m sure your ancestors are looking down in pride right now on you for continuing their long history of white inferiority